Tired of pretending that you have it all together when the truth is you feel empty, stuck and lost inside!

You know there has to be more to life than just going to work to pay bills to one day die.

You know that you are meant for so much more but just can’t seem to find your way and feel like something is wrong with you.

You are not alone and I want to teach you that everything you need is inside you and that you have the power to create the life you desire!

I spent my life trying to prove my worth with material wealth, and putting my emotional needs on the back burner. I lived in a constant state of anxiety. I worried about what others thought of me, and never felt good enough to be accepted as I was. I became addicted to achievement thinking that if I could be perfect enough, I would finally feel whole because I had achieved what society called success. However, there was no achievement big enough to fill the hole I had in my heart. I kept feeling empty like something was missing, and I just could not figure out why. I’d smile and put on a happy face to the world, but internally I was dying, which resulted in becoming addicted to opiates that nearly cost me my life. I was living as a victim blaming others for my unhappiness and by doing so I was completely giving my power away once again to things outside of me. I never knew that I had the power to create the life I deserved and that everything I needed was inside me. My mission is to guide women to discover that EVERYHING they need is inside of them & this is why I created my 6-Step PIVOTT PROGRAM. A blue print of exactly the tools & embodiment techniques I practiced to take my life from barely being able to get out of bed to now living a life full of purpose!

Our power within is the key to achieving anything we want in life. My purpose is to guide women to do the same by teaching them how to shift their mindset by helping them discover that everything they need is inside them. I have been there, and I know how hard it is to find hope and a way forward. I’m ready to meet you where you are in your life and to guide and support you.

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Let’s talk about my Unique PIVOTT program  on how you can get back to the life you deserve. I’m Ready


Anxiety, Shame and Guilt ran my life! No matter what I achieved I could not get the voices out of my head. I felt STUCK, no matter how many therapy sessions I did, books I read. pounds I lost.


Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions, and our actions create results. 95% of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind which is programmed from birth to about 7 years old. Nervous system regulation is needed to feel safe in your body. When you feel safe in your body you can set boundaries, use your voice & take inspired action. Energy healing to raise your frequency. Everything is energy and we attract who we ARE. Who we BE!


In order to get some where you have to know where you are going. Do you truly know what you want? I didn’t, but I knew what I didn’t want. Most focus on what they don’t want rather than what they want. The subconscious mind can’t process negatives. So if you think, ‘I don’t want to be poor,’ your unconscious mind focuses on the “poor” and, because it doesn’t do negatives, the thought becomes ‘I want to be poor.


It’s not your fault and it’s your responsibility to create the life you deserve. When we blame things outside of your self you completely give your power away. You GET TO take radical responsibility for your life, because you are a POWERFUL CREATOR.


From birth to about 7 years old you are being programmed by your caregivers, school systems, religious systems, TV, Radio etc. You take EVERYTHING as truth because you don’t know any different, and you want to be accepted and feel like part of a tribe. This programming now runs your life. You GET TO uncover this programming and release what no longer serves you to make room to live life based on what is TRUE for you today.


You have EVERYTHING you need inside of you to create the life that you deserve. Your intuition is your GPS system AND you GET TO lean in and trust those whispers tugging at you. It’s time to take ACTION.