Are You Secretly Battling Opiate Addiction? Get Your Life Back

The Only Way Out Is Through


Are You Secretly Battling Opiate Addiction? Get Your Life Back

The Only Way Out Is Through

My Mission Is To Guide Closet Opiate Addicts Get The Life Back That They Deserve!

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I am Dominique Velasquez, a proud survivor of opiate addiction. I also am a mom and a wife, with a high-level career. I almost lost my life to addiction because I was ashamed to ask for help. Today, I can now say that my addiction was the best thing that happened to me.

A Journey of Recovery

Listen I understand I have been there!  Let me help you achieve internal peace as I did. I learned tools to shift my mindset, allowing me to break free from the shackles of addiction. With my help, shame and guilt will no longer weigh you down. I want to guide, support, and provide you with the long-term tools that will enable you to get the life you deserve. I believe that you can recover too.


American History’s Deadliest Drug Crisis

The opioid epidemic caused overdoses that lead to the death of Americans under 50 years old, according to the New York Times. More than guns or accidents, opiate killed about 64,000 people last year faster than the H.I.V. epidemic did at its peak. I almost lost my life to this drug. As a recovering patient myself since 2018, I have what it takes to guide you throughout the process. You’re not alone in this journey and you will achieve a successful recovery. I have the resources to help you take your first step.

Facts About Opioids

Anyone who takes prescription opioids can become addicted to them. As many as one in four people receiving prescription opioids long term in a primary care setting struggles with opioid addiction. Once an addiction starts, it is hard to stop. In 2016, more than 11.5M Americans reported misusing prescription opioids in the past year. (

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“We are blessed to have you here in our lives because you were able to be honest with yourself and say "I am an addict". That in itself is a victory. Through you, I have become a better police officer by being more compassionate with people I deal with on a daily basis with addiction.”

-Officer Rick Solis



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Work With Me

Let’s talk about my six-step PIVOTT process  on how you can get back to the life you deserve. I have also written you a support letter for proper guidance on your recovery journey. For inquiries or concerns, please reach out to me today.